Fr. Micah Thompson

Real Housewives of Matthew 1: Rahab – Second Sunday of Advent, December 4, 2022

Isaiah 11:1-10
Psalm 72:1-15
Romans 15:1-13
Matthew 3:1-12

Welcome to Worship - 2nd Sunday of Advent, December 4, 2022

God used an outsider to deliver the promised land! As we continue our series, looking at the five women in Matthew's geneology of Jesus, we come to Joshua 2. Rahab the prostitute is held up in the Old Testament, Gospel, and New Testament as an example of faith, lived out in works. The outsider is used to deliver God's promise, and to teach us about what faith really looks like! We're so glad you're worshiping with us today!

Posted by St. Timothy Anglican Church on Monday, December 5, 2022

Real Housewives of Matthew 1: Tamar – First Sunday of Advent, November 27, 2022

Isaiah 2:1-5
Psalm 122
Romans 13:8-14
Matthew 24:29-44

Welcome to Advent Worship! November 27, 2022

Matthew's gospel begins with e geneology of Jesus, which includes five women. Their stories are full of drama, power, intrugue, greed, and family. This Advent, we are learning about them, and how they prefigure the salvation brought about in Jesus. The first woman is Tamar, whose story is in Genesis 38. It's a mess. The family is a mess. Everyone's choices are a mess. Yet, God uses her to save the family that will be the tribe that rules Israel.

Posted by St. Timothy Anglican Church on Monday, November 28, 2022

Be Fruitful and Multiply – Christ the King Sunday, November 20, 2022

Jeremiah 23:1-6
Psalm 46
Colossians 1:11-20
Luke 23:35-43

Welcome to Worship! November 20. 2022

Christ is King! As we close out the church year, Fr. Micah shares a tool for discernment. How do we know what the Lord is saying? In what direction should we grow? Jeremiah the prophet promises that in God's Kingdom, we are fruitful and multiply - and what does that have to do with making decisions?

Posted by St. Timothy Anglican Church on Monday, November 21, 2022

Marriage and the Resurrection – All Saints Sunday, November 6, 2022

Revelation 7:9-17
Psalm 149
2 Thessalonians 2:13-3:5
Luke 20:27-38

Welcome to Worship! November 6, 2022

We're so glad you've joined us today! What will the resurrection be like? Is there more than this life? The religious leaders of Jesus' day sought to embarrass Him by pressing Him on these questions. We're still asking the same thing today. Jesus' answer helps direct us to netter unerstanding and better living.

Posted by St. Timothy Anglican Church on Friday, November 4, 2022

You Don’t Have to be Short to Feel Small – Ordinary Time, Oct 30, 2022

Isaiah 1:10-20
2 Thessalonians 1:1-12
Luke 19:1-10

Welcome to Worship! Oct 30, 2022

You don't have to be short to be small. When Zaccheus went to find out who Jesus was, he found a lot more than a good view from a tree. It turns out that Jesus had been looking for him the whole time. Today is also Celebration Sunday! If the Lord has moved in your life, tell us about it in the comments below! Or send a message and we can post it anonymously for you.

Posted by St. Timothy Anglican Church on Friday, October 28, 2022

Demas, Titus, Luke, and Alexander – Ordinary Time, Oct 23, 2022

Jeremiah 14:7-10, 19-22
Psalm 84
2 Timothy 4:6-18
Luke 18:9-14

Welcome to Worship - October 23, 2022

We're so glad you're with us today! When Paul was in trouble, what happened to his support system? How did his friends respond? We'll look today at the end of 2 Timothy to find his perspective, and how it can change ours.

Posted by St. Timothy Anglican Church on Friday, October 21, 2022

Wrestling with God – Ordinary Time, Oct 16, 2022

Genesis 32:3-8, 22-30
Psalm 121
2 Timothy 3:14-4:5
Luke 18:1-8

Welcome to Worship - Oct 16, 2022

We're so glad you are with us today! Can you win when you wrestle with God? After all of our efforts and intrigues, we come face to face with our own sin. Jacob in Genesis wrestled with God. Paul encouraged Timothy to trust the scriptures. When we wrestle God, we always lose - and are the better for it.

Posted by St. Timothy Anglican Church on Thursday, October 13, 2022

Oremus (Let us Pray), pt. 4: Prophetic Prayer – Ordinary Time, Oct 2, 2022

Habakkuk 1:1-13, 2:1-4
Psalm 37:1-17
2 Timothy 1:1-14
Luke 17:5-10

Welcome to Worship! October 2, 2022

Today, we're finishing up our series on prayer, and thinking about prophetic prayer. All of us can live prophetically, if we live according to the truth of God's word and the reality behind the visible. We'll look at the prophet Habakkuk in the Old Testament and Timothy in the New Testament to see how people of faith can respond to a broken world and frustrating circumstances.

Posted by St. Timothy Anglican Church on Friday, September 30, 2022

Oremus (Let us Pray), pt. 3: The Prayer of Contemplation – Ordinary Time, Sept 25, 2022

Amos 6:1-7
Psalm 146
Ephesians 6:13-20
Luke 22:39-46

Welcome to Worship! September 25, 2022

We're so glad you're worshiping with us today, as we continue our conversation about prayer in the life of the Christian. How do you hear from God? Do you hear His voice? Contemplative prayer is intended to help us hear from God. It's incredible, because our relational Creator wants to speak to us. Through the Holy Spirit, He does. We can learn to develop our spiritual ears to hear his voice!

Posted by St. Timothy Anglican Church on Friday, September 23, 2022