Gathering together

Worshiping in community

The work of the people

We follow a liturgical service structure that invites a lot of participation in prayers, songs and responses. “Liturgy” just means “the work of the people.”

To make this easy for everyone, all the words and instructions are provided on a screen for you to follow along. Our services always include musical worship, Ministry of the Word, and Ministry of the Eucharist.

Children are an important part of our community, and you may see children and young people serving in various roles during the service. Following the opening worship, we typically offer nursery for kids preschool age and younger and children’s church for elementary school ages. All the kids return to the service during the Peace, so families can receive the Eucharist together.

Ministry of the Word


— We Hear and Respond

Our service begins with music followed by Bible readings. We usually have readings from the Old Testament, Psalms, the New Testament, and the Gospels. These follow a pattern of regular Scripture reading, known as the Lectionary.

After these lessons, we sit to hear teaching on the Scripture. Then as a congregation, we respond to the Word of God proclaimed in the readings and teaching by affirming our faith with one of the ancient creeds of the church. It’s as if the sermon asks, “Do you believe?” In the reciting of the Creed, we answer, “I believe.”

Then we join together in corporate prayer, confession of sin, and sharing the peace of Christ with each other.

Ministry of the Eucharist


— We Receive

We celebrate the Eucharist (Holy Communion) together each Sunday. All baptized Christians are welcomed to receive the Sacrament (bread and wine) regardless of denominational background.

The priest gives instructions to guide the congregation on receiving the Eucharist. Anyone not wishing to receive the Eucharist is welcome to come forward to receive a prayer of blessing instead, or remain seated, using the time for reflection and prayer.

During the Eucharist, we have a team available to pray privately with anyone.