Cornerstone, Pt. 1: Rejected – Palm Sunday

Luke 19:29-40
Isaiah 53:1-12
Psalm 118:19-29
Philippians 2:5-11
Luke 22:39-46
Luke 23:1-49

Welcome to Worship! APril 10, 2022 - Palm Sunday

Hosanna to the Son of David! We're so glad you've joined us today to celebrate Palm Sunday and to begin Holy Week. We are spending the week reflecting on the "stone the builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone." We begin by considering rejection. All of us have been, at times, rejected. Jesus was, too. Even in the midst of being hailed as king, the plot to kill him began. This rejection was not unintentional, and sets the stage for our relationship with him.

Posted by St. Timothy Anglican Church on Saturday, April 9, 2022