Fr. Micah, Vicar

Welcome to St. Timothy Anglican Church!

We are a church of the Anglican Diocese in New England, part of the  Anglican Church in North America.

You can read about our Values (at the bottom of this page) and Mission.

We at St. Timothy are in a variety of stages and places in life, but we share a love for the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ and for the state and people of Vermont.

We believe that God speaks through His word, worship, and people, and that He wants all of us to have a fuller relationship with our Creator – and to have the wholeness of life that comes with that relationship. This means that we have church members involved in all sorts of community efforts, including work with the new American communities, the homeless community, counseling ministries, at the hospital, crisis pregnancy centers, and a host of other avenues of sharing the love of God with the people of our communities.

Our central community activity is the Sunday worship service, where we gather to praise God, lift our prayers, share our griefs and confessions, and celebrate communion. Our approach to worship is rich in the history of the church, but full of life – because God worked in history and is working now. We currently meet at 4:00 pm at Ascension Lutheran Church building at 95 Allen Rd. in South Burlington.

We offer Bible studies, prayer meetings, and community events, and we welcome all who want to come.

If you’re wondering what faith in Jesus is about, or you’ve just moved to the area, or if you’re visiting Burlington for a while (and it’s a great place to visit!), feel free to come find us, or get in touch if you’d like more information.

God is doing great things in Vermont.  We are excited to be a part of His great work, and we’d love it if you could be a part of his work alongside of us!

Fr. Micah Thompson


Core Values



Encouraging one another in Christ-centered fellowship


Bringing together historic liturgical tradition with contemporary expression


Engaging hearts and minds through sound Biblical teaching


Calling on the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives


Spreading the Gospel in word and deed at home and around the world