Pentecost Now and Later

October 27, 2013
27 Oct 2013

Rob Favali preaches from Joel 2 and, while looking at Peter’s interpretation of it in Acts 2, asks how it applies to the daily life of our church body now and in the future.


Finding God in the Place of Disappointment & Loss

October 13, 2013
13 Oct 2013

Shortly after the Jewish exiles found themselves in captivity in Babylon, the prophet Jeremiah brought an unexpected word. This sermon explores the message of Jeremiah 29.


The Cosmic Epistle

October 6, 2013
06 Oct 2013

Fr. Alex preaches from Ephesians on things of profound significance that we consider commonplace.


The Fivefold Gifts

September 29, 2013
29 Sep 2013

Fr Alex preaches from Ephesians 4 on the five gifts for ministry.


Loving not our lives so much…

September 22, 2013
22 Sep 2013

Fr Alex preaches from Revelation 12 and its exhortation not to love our lives so much that we shrink from death.