The Lord’s Work

August 31, 2014
31 Aug 2014

Even in a fallen world, Jesus restores our work. He calls ALL work good, not just specifically Christian ministry.


The Prison and the Gallows

August 24, 2014
24 Aug 2014

A parable of crossing from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.


Hearing God and Responding: Elijah on Mount Horeb

August 10, 2014
10 Aug 2014

Fr. Alex preaches from I Kings 19 on God’s specific, sovereign and satisfying call.


Come all who are thirsty

August 3, 2014
03 Aug 2014

Fr. Alex preaches on the task that comes before mission


The Kingdom of God is like…

July 27, 2014
27 Jul 2014

Rob Favali preaches on what a parable is and what “like” actually means.