Special Events

Installation of Fr. Micah A. Thompson – October 2016

img_5389On Sunday, October 9, 2016 our church joyfully celebrated the formal installation of Fr. Micah A. Thompson as our Vicar. Bishop Bill Murdoch led the service with prayer, presentations and a strong sermon on the seriousness of being a Christian in these troubled times.

Fr. Micah was flanked by three fellow priests who traveled to Burlington to celebrate with us: Fr. Brian Murphy, Fr. Ian Montgomery and Fr. Daniel Mochamps. In addition to the visiting ministers, our first pastor Fr. Alex Cameron had a key role in presenting the stole, a symbolic gesture of passing on the ministry to Micah’s care. Many friends, and a number of Micah’s family members, traveled far to be with Micah and his new church family.

Symbolic gifts were presented: water, wine, oil, a leather-bound Bible and a Catechism.The congregation joined in prayers of support and we all witnessed our humble new pastor take his vows before God. It was a beautiful ceremony.
God bless this new ministry!

Tabernacle of Moses Sermon Series – June 2016

Fr. Bill Blomquist designed a 4-part series of Sunday sermons on the Tabernacle of Moses in which he reveals how our Christian worship service has its roots from that ancient biblical holy space in the desert. The 4 parts are Temple Life: Overview, Temple Life: The Outer Courts, Temple Life: The Inner Courts, and Temple Life: The Progression.

Slides that accompany the series – Temple Life Slides.

Listen to or download the sermons:

Part 1 – Temple Life: Overview


Part 2 – Temple Life: The Outer Courts


Part 3 – Temple Life: The Inner Courts


Part 4 – Temple Life: The Progression


Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday Services, 2016.

Welcome to join us as we recall the events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Palm Sunday’s Procession of Palms will begin outside the church with loud “Hosanna! Hosanna’s!” and end with a dramatic Gospel reading, where the haunting phrase “Crucify Him, crucify him” leads into Holy Week. On Easter Sunday, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with special music, flowers, and fellowship social to follow. Families are asked to bring long-stemmed flowers for the “Flowering of the Cross.” Both services begin at 4:30, March 20 and 27.

Lenten Souper Suppers, 2016.

Each Sunday in Lent the service will be followed by a hearty soup supper in the parish hall. This provides a wonderful time of fellowship. For information how you can contribute to the cause, email Kit.

Valentine Rose Give-A-Way, 2016.

Join us as we meet at the University mall and hand out roses to those passing by. It’s a wonderful way to bless others, and extend God’s love in a tangible way. Sunday, February 14, at 2:00. For more information email Cassie. Children welcomed.