Small Group Studies

Bible Survey

Wednesdays Beginning April 19, 2016-August 2, 2016
Time: 7:00PM-8:45PM
Leader: Rob Favali

Can you walk yourself, your children or your friends through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation?

Come and join us on Tuesday evenings as we explore God’s redemptive work in history as we broadly walk from Genesis to Revelation and see God at work to redeem a people (you and me) for himself.

Abraham, Moses, Egypt, the Conquest, the Kings, the Prophets, the Captivity, the Return from Captivity, the Gospels, Pentecost, the Epistles, and Revelation. We will overview the Bible and come away with a good foundation of biblical understanding and a deepened belief in our God who works historically for your and me.

Join us every Tuesday at 7:00PM beginning on April 19 at the Hogan’s. Your mileage may vary but your spirit will be rewarded!”

Contact for more information.

Psalms of Lent

Tuesdays in Lent, beginning February 16, 2016-March 29, 2016
Time: 7:00PM-8:45PM
Leader: Rob Favali

A study of the specific Psalms being read in our Sunday services – the prophetic, contextual, and historical content – and how they identity the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Before the Throne

Wednesdays in Lent, beginning February 17, 2016-March 30, 2016
Time: 7:00PM-8:45PM
Leader: Tamara Cameron

A different contemplative experience each week – lectio divina, devotion reflections, silent prayer, artful responses, silence, etc. – designed to create space for people to enter into God’s presence and rest. Each session is unique from the others. Feel free to attend, even it you can’t make them all.